Two, three or even four Computers in one. MacOS, Linux and Windows. You only pay once. 

Run Windows 10 Pro alongside MacOS, both on screen at once, for two machines in one, but only pay once. Any Apple computer, any configuration. We deliver worldwide. VAT free sales available for any EU VAT registered customers. Bulk discounts available.

Already have a Mac of your own and want to have the flexibility of our software suite installed?  We can do that for you remotely, so your Mac never needs to leave the house - just choose Book a Service in the menu bar. You can even add in a Steady Comps Power Pack. 

We provide a minimum 1TB SSD drive with every sale as part of our bundles, and these can be used to back up your Mac once you have it set up to your liking. We include your Windows 10 Pro licence, and all other licences with the sale, so you can just put them back in should you ever need to, and recreate your machine from your backup. Peace of mind for your work and memories, all part of our unique package. All included in the listed price. See machine specific listings for package details.

Superb personalised support. Endlessly versatile. Run Windows for gaming, run Sage or QuickBooks, children's schoolwork, Microsoft Publisher or Paint 3D. Our machines do it all. 



              LATEST NEWS 

We have the new range of iMacs now in stock, see here, as well as a range of stock machines at lower prices - so if you don't want Windows or Linux, Office or any extras that's fine. 


OPTIONAL LINUX AND BOOTCAMP INSTALLATIONS. We can install Linux or install Windows via Bootcamp as well as virtually, so you can access both at any time. Any configuration that you need. Want the machine left sealed? No Windows or other software? No Problem. No power pack? No problem. Want us to send it straight from the warehouse and install Windows and Office remotely? Again, no problem. Want Windows XP or Windows 8.1 for legacy programs? No problem. Just email or give us a ring or text.

Here is a video to show just what our unique Macs can do.


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