Some thoughts on the Apple move to ARM.

A lot has been written on the announcement by Apple to make the move to ARM, but I think a lot of scare stories are overblown.

Apple have said they will not make the transition to ARM completely for two years, I personally think it will take longer - especially for the higher end machines like the 27" iMac.

Any machine currently purchased will be supported for at least eight to ten years, and if it has Windows on it, it will still be extremely viable as a computer well beyond that. So I think this actually adds value to installing Windows on the computer, as these current Macs will remain the most versatile versions for many years to come.

There will be a lot of hurdles to be over some and I see relatively poor performance when the machines launch, not to mention waiting on developers to catch up with the apps we use and have already paid for.

In short, if you're hesitant about buying a Mac because of this news, don't be. It will be supported long beyond the period that you would normally keep it, and that period will cover the difficult transition period Apple and early adopters will face, so getting an Intel Mac now is actually an even better buy, before they become scarcer and prices rise. I also feel the move to include iPad apps is overblown. Unless Apple make everything touchscreen, do you really want to be pointing a clicking at an iPad app with a keyboard and mouse? I've tried it on many devices, emulating Android apps using Bluestacks for instance, it just takes you out of your workflow.

Our unique setup adds not only value and functionality to your machine, but now also longevity. Never a better time to buy a Steady Comps Ltd Mac!

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