21.5" iMac/2.5Ghz i5/16GB/500B Hard Drive/AMD Radeon HD 6750M/Windows 7+10 Pro

The iMac "Core i5" 2.5 21.5-Inch Aluminum (Mid-2011) is powered by a Quad Core 2.5 GHz Intel "Core i5" I5-2400S (Sandy Bridge) processor with a dedicated 256k level 2 cache for each core and a 6 MB shared level 3 cache. In lieu of a system bus, it has a "Direct Media Interface" (DMI) that "connects between the processor and chipset" at 5 GT/s.

By default, it is configured with 16GB of RAM (1333 MHz PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM), a 500 GB (7200 RPM) hard drive, a vertically-mounted slot-loading DVD-R DL "SuperDrive", and AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics with 512 MB of dedicated GDDR5 memory.

It also has a built-in "FaceTime HD" video camera and built-in stereo speakers underneath the 21.5" glossy 16:9 LED-backlit TFT Active Matrix LCD (1920x1080 native) display "with IPS technology".

Connectivity includes four USB 2.0 ports, a Firewire "800" port, built-in AirPort Extreme, Gigabit Ethernet, and an SDXC card slot as well as a single "Thunderbolt" port that is backwards compatible with Mini DisplayPort and, likewise, supports an external display up to 30" (2560x1600). Thunderbolt also supports other peripherals that use the Thunderbolt standard which provides up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth in both directions.


Included in the price are a brand new Wireless Keyboard and matching Mouse (non-Apple). Also included is an online backup drive, with a backup copy of your individual machine already saved on it, so if you run into any difficulties all you have to do is download it and the computer will be just like it was when you received it. Peace of mind, hassle free.


The machine comes dual booting with the latest version of macOS High Sierra along with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 Professional (10 is the default unless you specify), as well as the very latest iLife and iWork suites, along with Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 and much more. You can even have Windows XP Professional or Linux should you require it, just add a note to the order at checkout. (You can even have multiple versions of Windows should you wish - e.g. Windows 10 Natively and XP or 7/8.1 Pro via Virtual drive for older software - please contact us for a quote.) . 


We do provide custom storage solutions as well, please see our other listings or contact us for a quote. You can have an extra 1TB for £75, 2TB for £100, 3TB for £150, 4TB for £180, 6TB for £250 or even 8TB for £300, all already configured for your Mac as external storage or a Time Machine automatic backup. All drives are high quality, high speed USB 3.0 drives. We can even install Windows/Linux on the external drive if you prefer. Please contact us for a quote.


You can have Windows installed natively or virtually so you can boot directly into Windows, and run only Windows. This is useful for guaranteed compatibility with programs like Sage or QuickBooks, Windows gaming and the easy installation and upkeep of older Windows software. 


All machines carry a full Steady Comps 3 month UK/EU warranty and come with original proof of purchase as well as 30 days extensive telephone and email after-sales support from us. We have been trading here, on eBay, Amazon and here via our own website for over 12 years, and have helped many clients to make the transition to Mac with ease, as you can see from our extensive feedback history.


All of our machines come with a personally written "quick start guide" tailored to this particular set-up, to help make your life simpler and to get you up and working with the minimum of disruption along with a month of telephone and email support, including remote assistance. Navigating OS X, how to access Windows, boot between operating systems, change your preferences, security options, even basic troubleshooting are all covered - plus we are always available via email or remote administration. We have written all of our guides specific to this particular setup, BASED UPON 12 YEARS OF BEING THE ORIGINAL VENDORS AND CREATORS OF THESE TYPES OF SYSTEMS. (Just check out 12-year feedback history on eBay alone)


If the particular model you want is not listed, please let us know, as we can order any SKU required directly, but please note that any custom (non-standard/BTO/Build to Order) models will normally take longer to deliver as they have to be built by us. We cannot keep every custom model in stock, for obvious reasons. Apple builds each and every custom Mac to order themselves, on a per order basis - even on their website or in store, so timescales are similar to ordering from Apple. If you are unsure if your order will be custom or not, just ask, we will be happy to help. Please do not order a custom machine and expect it to be with you in a couple of days, that is just not possible. Please enquire prior to purchase to get an accurate timescale.


All our machines come from the UK - no imports, come with genuine original software, license keys, re-installation media and codes, plus a brand new external DVD/CD burner, 4 port USB Hub and an online backup. All these items have been carefully chosen to give you the best possible experience, out of the box. They ship 24 hour delivery (once ready) via fully tracked and fully insured courier service within the UK and for a competitive price within Europe (as we heavily subsidise both). That covers you, the buyer, for peace of mind with delivery.


If you choose the dual boot option, you can have both OS X and Windows on screen at one time, or we can have the computer set to change between Windows and OS X with a reboot. THIS IS PERFECT FOR SOMEONE WANTING TO EXPERIENCE WHAT A MAC CAN DO WHILE MAINTAINING THE FAMILIAR FEEL OF WINDOWS WHILE YOU ADJUST. IT ALSO MEANS THAT IF YOU HAVE PROGRAMS THAT REQUIRE WINDOWS OR PROGRAMS YOU JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THAT HAVE NO MAC EQUIVALENT, THEN SIMPLY BOOT INTO WINDOWS, AND USE THEM FROM THERE. IT'S GENIUS, IT REALLY IS. IT IS UNBELIEVABLY HANDY. IT IS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. We can make the Windows partition any size you want, just let us know after purchase. We also make it so that you can move files freely between the Windows partition and the Mac OS X partition - from within Windows or Mac OS X - just drag and drop. It couldn't be simpler. All set up for you, the individual.


All items are listed with UK VAT at 20% included in the price - we can provide a UK or European VAT invoice with the VAT listed separately after the sale should you wish to claim it back. We can zero rate for EU purchases outside of the UK, once your EU VAT number has been verified.





  • Mac Shipping Times

    All non standard Mac configurations may take up to 3 working weeks to arrive, as they are BTO (Build to Order) machines, and are manufactured by Apple on a per order basis. That is exactly the same as ordering directly from Apple themselves. They often arrive sooner, but please expect this timeframe when ordering to avoid any disappointment. Any BTO order placed cannot be cancelled as we ourselves cannot return the item.


    Please bear this in mind when ordering. We keep all standard machines in stock, so you will get them in the normal five day dispatch timeframe. These are customised machines, customised to each individual order, so they take a little time. We like to think they are worth the wait. We believe you will too.


    If you're unsure about your shipping time, please just shoot us a mail or give us a ring, we are happy to help.

  • Payment Options

    Payments can be made via PayPal using any debit card or Credit Card, you do not require a PayPal account.


    You can also pay using your own PayPal account or via Bank Transfer (BACS/SWIFT). There is a discount available for Bank Transfer (BACS/SWIFT).


    We also offer PayPal Credit if you want to spread your payments, just click the banner at the top of each page. 

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