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  Upgrade Your Mac

Already have your own Mac or want to buy from Apple directly but like our bundle? No problem. We can provide our hardware bundle and install all of your software remotely at a time of your choosing. Just mail us for a quote or choose a contact option below. This can be done for any new or old Intel Mac or any of the new M1 Macs. We will tailor your software package to suit. 

Or do you have an older Mac that is no longer supported? We can upgrade it to the latest version of macOS remotely. Just contact us for a quote. 


Tel: +447970524139 (UK) 

Tel: +48726190872 (EU)

WhatsApp: 07970524139

Image by Luca Bravo

Get a Quote

Just contact us using the form below to get a quote or book a slot for an upgrade. 

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