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Frequently asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions you may have, as well as links to our Warranty, Return, Privacy and Shipping policies. 


All prices include UK VAT @ 20% and come with a UK VAT receipt. This can then be claimed back by any business that has a VAT/IVA registration number or equivalent in the UK. If you purchase from outside the UK, all your import duty and VAT/IVA is covered by us, so you only pay what you see on the listing.  If you require a VAT free invoice, just check out using the manual payment option, and we can send you an invoice minus VAT. You can then pay the VAT when your item arrives, and can claim it back as it is your local VAT, not UK. 


You can upgrade the internal storage, processor, or RAM in any Mac, but Mac upgrades must be done at the time of purchase, as we cannot upgrade them after the machine has been ordered. Any keyboard layout / language and any colour are available for any model. If Apple sell it, we sell it. We can even add in a second SSD drive for Time Machine backups, if it is not already included in the bundle, so you never lose your work. All types and models of monitors and accessories can also be included. Just contact us for advice or a quote. 


Please note, that these are an internal Apple SSD drive paired with an SSD inside the included hub, and where appropriate, a third SSD in the hub for seamless Time Machine backups. This is done to save you money whilst maximising the total storage and minimising any performance penalty. We use NVMe storage (the same wafer thin storage as inside the Mac) so there is no slowdown, with up to 10Gbps transfer speeds. All keyboards, mice and webcams included are tested by us and come with a one-year warranty for peace of mind.  


Here you can find links to our policies, we protect your data and your rights as a consumer:





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